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No purchase necessary - just your participation!

We will send you rewards for submitting referrals!

1 Referral = Yancey Rents Hat

3 Referrals = Yancey Rents Tumbler

5 Referrals = $50 Amazon Gift Card

10+ Referrals = $150 Amazon Gift Card

• Referral counts expire after 12 months

• You cannot refer yourself or your company.

• Referral bonus only applies to NEW Yancey Rents customers.

• Referral Rewards will be sent once a month

• Duplicate referrals or fictitious information will disqualify the referral.

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terms & conditions

The personal information collected, processed and used as part of the Program will be used in accordance with Company's Privacy Policy.  Referrers cannot refer themselves or create multiple, fictitious or fake accounts with the Company. We reserve the right to cancel, modify or terminate the Program at any time for any reason. We reserve the right to disqualify any User at any time from participation in the Program if we have a good faith belief that he/she has violated any of these Terms.

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