302.7 Mini Hydraulic Excavator

Compact Radius

Trailer Transportation

Quick Connect Fittings 

Compact Radius |Trailer Transportation |Quick Connect Fittings 

This compact excavator demonstrates the versatility you need for landscapers, electricians and plumbers. The 302.7 features a zero tail swing design with a complete 360 turn without a huge overhang like most excavators allowing you to get close to any structure. 

6,000 lbs so it can be towed with a 5 ton trailer

Flexible bucket options- 12", 18" or 24"

Pilot controls with easy conversion to traditional backhoe options  


Configured without the additional counterweight the 302.7D CR is a true zero tail swing machine with the upper body staying within the width of the undercarriage during rotation. This enables the operator to work within confined areas and concentrate on the work being performed without having to worry about the back of the machine.

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