Whether you are pouring a new concrete slab and need to finish it with a power trowel or you are installing brick and need to pour a footing using a concrete buggie or mortar mixer, we’ve got the equipment you need to get the job done.

Concrete Buggies

Our 16 cubic foot wheeled and tracked concrete buggies have standard high-strength, high-density polyethylene buckets which are the industry’s thickest and most durable.

Rates Starting at: 

$155 a day

Mortar & Concrete Mixers

Our towable mixers have the features, quality, and engineering excellence you need. We have 6 and 9 cubic foot mixers available for rent.

Rates Starting at: 

$125 a day

Power Towels

Our 36 inch and 48 inch walk-behind trowels are engineered to provide the performance you expect and the reliability you depend on.

Rates Starting at: 

$65 a day

Demo Saws

Cutting hard, solid materials like Concrete, Asphalt, Stone or Brick can be a demanding task. Having the option of 14-30 inch handheld or walk-behind saws at your finger tips can make all of your projects a little easier.

Rates Starting at: 

$110 a day

Including the blade

Ready to Rent?

There's work to be done. Let us help you do it. Yancey Rents is your one-stop-shop for all of your equipment needs. For information on renting any of these concrete tools, fill out the form and a Yancey Representative will reach out to you shortly.