Uses of an Indirect Heater

Epoxy Coating Curing- If the temperatures are not right when epoxying floors, the epoxy will not be able to cure and it will bubble, resulting in the entire floor needing to be re-done.


Hardwood Floors (Especially Gymnasiums)- If the humidity and temperature is not right, the floors will buckle and have to be torn out and replaced. 


Drywall- When drywall doesn’t cure correctly it bubbles or runs. Therefore the temperatures should stay around 50 degrees.


Industrial Plants- If equipment requires water to keep it cool, you need to keep it from freezing which could result in a production stoppage.


Comfort- Do you work well when it is 30 degrees in the office?


Plant farms-  Keeping plants and vegetables fresh from harvest to storage to delivery requires controlled climates.


Wacker Neuson 400k Heater


Flameless Heat

Highest efficiency in the industry due to the dedicated 2nd blower for combustion

Large pneumatic tires for easy positioning

Low heat setting for fuel savings

Only Require a 110V outlet


Heating Capacity: 408,596.6 BTU/h

Length: 84.6 inches  

Width:  34 inches

Height: 53.3 inches 38 inch   

Weight with fuel:  860 lbs

Fuel Type: Diesel

Tank Capacity: 57.1 gallons

Runtime: 19.2 Hours

Warm is the New Cool.

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