1-Ton Heating & Cooling Unit


Quiet and Efficient 

Standard Outlet (110 Volt)

Self Contained Condensation Drip Pan

Can Transition into a Heater 


Cooling Capacity: 11,800 BTUH

Heating Capacity: 11,000 BTUH

Height: 38 inch   

Width:  20 inch

Depth:  25 inch

Weight:  180 lbs

Heating & Cooling Capabilities 

Ready to Chill Out?

Yancey is your one-stop-shop for all of your equipment, power and HVAC needs. For information on renting the 1-ton heating & cooling unit, fill out the form and a Yancey Representative will reach out to you shortly.

 * 1-10 TONS Available for Rent.

Jeff Williams

Heating & Cooling Specialist 

(678) 895-2731